In evolutionary terms anger was a primitive way of increasing our strength to defend ourselves and our families against wild animals and other tribes people. The rush of chemicals which we produce in this angry state enabled us to see better, run fast, hear better, be braver, and stronger – even louder – in short it is what has enabled us to survive. So not always a bad thing – it is an emotion that ensures we take action.

Even in today’s society, anger can still be a healthy emotion. Unfortunately, sometimes it can become out of control and have a negative impact on our lives and our families.

If you feel you’re not coping with increasing pressures in your life, which can be a gradual process, your stress levels will likely rise and you can find yourself feeling irritable and snappy, angry or even rage (it can literally feel like a red mist coming down) and it doesn’t have to be over a big thing, it can be over small things too.

When we have had an angry outburst, it can be exhausting, we keep on running over all the events in our minds which can lead us to produce lots of cortisol which is extremely tiring. However, when we calm down and move into our rational brain(left prefrontal cortex) we are more logical, we can question why we behaved in such a way – how me might have responded differently, how the situation would have worked out better and caused less anxiety and distress.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you. Simply by learning how the brain works can be a huge relief and a powerful starting point in activating the process for creating change. Once you start to focus your energy on expressing yourself in a positive way you will be able to tap into the vast and amazing internal resources that we all have.