Lack of confidence / self esteem

Confidence comes from within; it’s about having a strong belief in who you are, belief in your qualities, skills and personal strengths. You may have a successful career and have achieved some amazing things in your life; like raising your children or running a successful business, however it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are confident. At various points in our lives we can all lack confidence and suffer with low self-esteem.

So how can we help. Getting clients to develop resilience so that they can stand up for themselves, solve problems, set realistic goals and channel their inner strength increases self esteem and self-worth. Very often clients report that they have the ability to say a positive ‘no’ to people after our sessions. That they start to view problems as opportunities to grow, children become more independent, and self-assured with an ability to ask for help when needed.

In short clients develop a growth mindset, they believe they can learn new things, get smarter and all that by trusting themselves. With this improved mindset, clients find their focus and determination to succeed become easier, they have a more positive outlook on life.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy is really effective in building confidence and resiliance, by using proven techniques you will be able to focus your energy on how want your life to be and focus on the positive things in your life.

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