Anxiety / Stress

We are currently living in a society where great demands and responsibilities are placed on us. Today, more people are suffering from stress, and over time this can have a significant negative impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Anxiety is a fear or concern that becomes out of proportion to the situation, although sometimes it may not feel like this. The symptoms of anxiety directly relate to the primal ‘fight/flight’ stress response that protects us against perceived threats in your environment, so if your primitive mind thinks you’re in danger your body triggers a rush of blood to your arms and legs so that you can fight or run away. It is an adrenaline response that causes your heart to beat faster, pumping oxygen around your body to those parts that need it to protect you. You may feel as if you are constantly on high alert as well, unable to calm your mind or relax.

Anxiety can be a gradual process building over a long period of time without us even realising it, or it can come on suddenly because of something such as illness or an intense life-changing experience. It can manifest in many ways: nervousness; panic attacks; sleeplessness and excessive worrying about something that is unlikely to happen or negatively introspecting about the past. This way of being can have crippling effects bringing on range of symptoms and negative patterns such as over-eating, drinking and or taking drugs. There are many symptoms of anxiety such as increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, inner tension, dry mouth, nausea, IBS, sweating, trembling, headaches, sleeplessness and in extreme cases panic attacks.

We will collaboratively explore and identify changes you want to make. We will discuss anything blocking you from change, identify your motivations for change, get perspective on your progress and learn how to counter and cope with negative self-talk.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective, evidence-based approach that combines proven techniques and clinical hypnosis that can help you to effectively reduce your anxiety using visualisation to create the life you want.

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