FMD/Disscociative Seizures

Functional motor disorders are disabling distressing, and often hard to understand conditions. Our brains to move between automatic and attentive control of different functions, If the brain believes something to be difficult or dangerous it activates our fight flight freeze response. This is perfectly normal and has helped us survive for millennia.

We do many functions on autopilot (automatically) most of the time, such as breathing, walking, and even thinking. This ability to work in automatic mode allows our attention to go where it wants to and work at quite a low level, when the automatic system comes across something slightly more difficult it calls on that attentive limbic system for some help with a bit more processing power. it is at this point that the limbic system can temporarily take control.

With FMD our limbic system starts to overcompensate using this system for movement too. It can have a really negative impact on our lives. As many of our routines are established by predictions this can literally trip us up with mis information.

Dissociative seizures can vary greatly from one person to another. Some people remain aware of the situation and their surroundings but cannot respond normally. Others lose complete awareness. some people can fall to the ground or start shaking which can often look like an epileptic seizure.

Dissociation is a medical word which describes a feeling of being cut off or disconnected from your surroundings and your own body. It could be described as daydreaming or being a bit spaced out, almost there when you can here but you’re unable to respond to the people around you. it is an unconscious process but the brain switches off it can happen to anybody, if you were reading a book and somebody spoke to you, you may not hear them as you were so engrossed in the story.

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