Selective Eating

‘A person with selective eating will only eat foods they consider to be safe or acceptable, very often avoiding foods with a particular taste, texture or colour. Some may dread the thought of certain foods particularly fruit and vegetables, and cannot bear to touch or even be near them’

This makes eminent sense to the person who suffers from selective eating – they see these foods as a threat., it is simply how we have interpreted the food – often from childhood that becomes a safe way of navigating the world. It simply doesn’t make logical sense to eat foods that might kill you.

It can be extremely frustrating for loved ones to watch their children or family members eat very bland foods and an extremely restrictive diet. People will resort to bribery, endlessly trying to encourage clients that just a little bit won’t hurt – all of which proves impossible for the client and they then see meal time as a threat too. A negative loop.

Using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy we help clients break the loop and association with these foods, so they can cope. It helps create a subconscious change, by altering the way they respond, think, feel and behave towards food. We do this using our brains fabulous neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to literally rewire itself based on our habits, the thoughts we have, and the experiences we encounter) enables us to view food differently taking away the threat. Clients create new neural pathways, new connections, and as a result enable clients to start trying new foods.

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