Many women experience a number of symptoms during the course of their menopause. Hot flushes frequently coexist with episodes of sweating, tingling and heart palpitations. Some women are able to dismiss them as mere “power surges”. However, many women find hot flushes distressing. The night sweats can result in disturbed sleep and subsequent tiredness and fatigue, which can make life really tough to manage.

There is growing evidence that Hypnotherapy is one of few proven alternative therapies that helps women through menopause. Well-conducted studies have shown that using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy techniques combined with positive suggestion and visualisation can effectively help you to focus on the positive aspects of your life, encouraging you to express yourself in a positive way and when you fully commit to the process of creating positive change your brain will start to produce various neurotransmitters namely, serotonin which will definitely help you to feel calmer, more balanced and motivated to cope so much better during this profound life change.

During your sessions, you will start to realise that you have a wealth of amazing internal resources that you can tap into at any time giving you a deep feeling of satisfaction as you re-discover the ‘real’ you. You will be given you a relaxation CD to listen every night, which will help enormously and one of the first things you’ll likely notice is that your sleep will improve.

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