Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder (social phobia) is an excessive fear of social situations. It’s one of the most common anxiety disorders and it can cause distressing panic and overwhelming fear. Experiencing this level of anxiety can mean we feel painfully self-conscious, fearful of being closely watched, judged, humiliated and criticized by others, making us dread everyday social activities such as:

Eating or drinking in front of others, Writing or working in front of others, Being the centre of attention, talking in groups, starting conversations, going to parties, pubs and clubs, going shopping, talking on the telephone, using public toilets.

These situations can be extremely overwhelming, distressing, disrupting your everyday life. You may worry intensely about an event or situation coming up and know that on one level the fear is irrational and yet feel helpless in the grip of a negative cycle, it can even lead to panic attacks.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can really help you. We explain how the mind works which can be a huge relief in itself – understanding why you’re suffering in the way you do. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy builds your confidence and self-esteem enabling you to focus on your strengths and the good things in your life.

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