PTSD for AFSFH Magazine

Working as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist over the last 18 months has been an absolute joy, of course the Polar bear gets in the cave from time to time – after all we are only human. However, having had the benefit of the CPHT training and the knowledge of exactly what is going on when the PB is on the rampage, it means these uncomfortable sensations can be quickly and effectively dealt with in a solution focused manner.

My daughter originally had hypnotherapy for her phobia of spiders and needles. I couldn’t believe the difference it made – it no longer took three of us to hold her down whilst having an injection, nor did she become hysterical at the sight of a spider. She still doesn’t like them but can deal with them and ask for them to be removed without going into red alert mode.

The incredible progress that clients make in a short pace of time never ceases to amaze me.

I am in the process of completely the Medical Hypnotherapy Diploma which has been a real eye opener, covering off needle phobia, dealing with patients with life limiting illness, chronic pain have added to my tool box and really helped current work I am doing with palliative care patients.

Most recently I have been doing quite a bit of work with PTSD, the dramatic impact on client’s lives – many of whom have suffered hallucinations and flashbacks for many years (one of my clients traumas was 18 years ago another 23 years ago)  These clients have, as they put it, ‘really got their lives back’.  Of course, they can still access the information but without the emotional attachment. This is so empowering and means they no longer have to be afraid of when these startling images or upsetting thoughts might be triggered.